The new year has started and we are off to using our new planner....What do you think so far? How are you using it? Do you have a routine or a schedule?  


1. Schedule: 

You want to have a day where you sit down and plan. I personally selected Sunday as my day to do my planning for the week. It's a slower day of the week for me and I can actually think a little more clearly. I grab my stickers and markers and I start by filling in the "This Week" page.  I use this page to jot down meetings, conference calls, appointments, etc. By completing this page, it helps me see all of the meetings I have scheduled for the week. 

2. Routine: 

I would highly suggest that you make a plan to use your planner everyday. Find a time that works best for you. For me, I like to plan first thing in the morning by checking and reviewing the things I didn't get to from the day before. 

Make planning a daily habit by integrating it into your daily routine.  My planning has turned into a daily habit where I do it at the same time every day. Once you implement planning into your day it will become a new habit.  

You also want to make checking into your planner a habit in your routine. Plan to do regular check-ins to ensure your tasks for the day are moving in the right direction. 

3. To Do List:

Some people are good at keeping their To Do Lists in their head...if you're like me ...you need it on paper so it can be crossed or checked off later. 

Create you're To Do Lists by writing down tasks, notes or important information that you need to remember for the day. I have my Top 3 Priorities for the day that I list in my planner followed by my daily To Do List.

4. Keep it Visible:

Decide where your planner will LIVE. I keep my planner on my desk beside me. By keeping the planner in front of you the focus is maintained. I like to keep my planner open so I am constantly reminded to check my planner and use it. As the day goes on, I am adding to my To Do Lists, checking things off, making notes, etc. 

5. Make it Fun:

I am a visual person. Seeing all of the colors and stickers really helps me...plus it makes my planner look cute!  You can incorporate some colors in your calendar by using different color markers to write in different types of events. This helps with the organization of your planner and it makes it easier to spot your plans, tasks and to do lists. Add a few cute stickers, colorful quotes, washi tape and you're good to go. 




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    Hello – hope all is well 💕 do you sale the organizing Labels?

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